Rapid Oral Fluid Drug Testing

More and more customers across all industries are moving to oral fluid testing for the many advantages it provides. Rapid oral fluid screening offers an ideal solution that is less invasive than other methods of testing and can be administered anytime and anywhere. The use of oral fluid as a testing matrix offers numerous benefits. The process is less invasive, the collection can be fully observed without privacy concerns, tests can be administered without the need for specialized collection facilities and, most significantly, is resistant to adulteration. Contact Premier Biotech to learn more about our innovative oral fluid products and solutions.


OralTox is a flexible screening product that can continue to be customized based on customer needs. Testing for the most relevant drugs of abuse is crucial when running a successful and sustainable testing platform. As new drugs become prevalent, our R&D customer first approach will ensure your organizations testing menu remains current. Now available in an 8-panel configuration for In Vitro diagnostic use for point-of-care for the detection of the following drugs: Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Oxycodone and Phencyclidine.

*Forensic Use Only

A True Drug Testing Partner

Our company has extensive experience working with corporate workplace and staffing organizations, clinical practices and government agencies to expedite their drug screening processes with innovative drug tests. After rigorous precision, safety, and efficacy review, OralTox enables further implementation of a rapid oral fluid drug test in these markets. View our official press release for more information regarding OralTox.

Adulteration Prevention

Oral fluid testing enables direct observation during the collection process, which drastically reduces the opportunity for tampering and adulteration. Because collections are observed, oral fluid testing is considered a tamper-resistant screening method.

Avoid Gender Issues

Oral fluid drug test collections also help to eliminate gender-based collection site issues or potential invasions of privacy. This allows office managers and staff the ability to administer testing easily and efficiently without the need for private restrooms.

Test Anytime/Anywhere

From time to time, donors have difficulty providing a specimen due to nerves, bladder troubles, etc. Oral fluid screening however is generally easier to collect, thus helping to save time and costs associated with staffing allocation and other administrative efforts.

Continually Evolving

Premier Biotech’s OralTox is leading the industry with a fully customizable product solution for your organization. Fast and accurate results for corrections, workplace, health and human services, clinical practices, etc.

OralTox® is a registered trademark of Premier Biotech, Inc.

Oral Fluid Roadside Testing

Several states throughout the country are evaluating the use of oral fluid roadside testing including, Arizona, California, Tennessee, Vermont and others. Roadside oral fluid drug/alcohol testing takes only minutes and can be administered to the driver at roadside. Many countries utilize roadside drug testing to obtain a conviction for drivers under the influence including Australia, Belgium, Germany and France. The convenience of oral fluid testing has been proven to be effective. Premier Biotech’s oral fluid products allow customization options with industry leading cut-off levels to detect the use of illicit drugs even if the driver had just taken the substance.

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