Criminal Justice

Premier Biotech understands that test results are used to make key decisions such as compliance with parole or probation violations. We strive to provide accurate, reliable and defensible results in a time sensitive manner. We can work with you to ensure your drug testing program meets your legal and technical requirements.

Premier Biotech’s Portfolio Of Rapid Urine And Oral Fluid Solutions Includes Exclusive Panel Configurations Designed For Correctional/Criminal Justice Testing.

OralTox Advantages

The OralTox delivers the most innovative technology in oral fluid drug testing and was designed to produce clearer, faster, more accurate results.

  • 100% observed collection
  • No need for same sex collectors.
  • Ideal for use in the field
  • Perfect solution for court ordered testing on juveniles
  • Prevents adulteration

Benefits of Rapid Drug Testing

  • Immediate results that result in major cost and time savings
  • Can result in immediate admission of use and immediate action, as proven
    by historical information
  • Requires immediate accountability, leaving no time for offender to create an “excuse” for results
  • Avoids recent court positions calling into question some lab errors or assumptions and finding against the testing entity by confronting the offender with the test in view and resolving the issue immediately
  • Eliminates waste of corrections officer’s time that can be required to locate
    an offender after the return of a lab result
  • Prohibits the possibility of the offender disappearing long-term
  • Corrections officer able to handle larger caseload or additional administrative
    responsibilities by not having to search for offenders or conduct a second meeting
  • Rapid test can be run on minimal specimen volume
  • Eliminates the possibility of loss of specimen or leakage or contamination of
    specimen in shipping
  • If shipping or lab testing problems arise, the initial screen results will still be
    on record at the initial testing location

Criminal Drug Testing Programs

  • Drug Courts
  • Probation And Parole
  • Prisons
  • Correctional Institutions

Purposes For Drug Testing

  • Assisting judges with bail and sentencing
  • Indicate if rules are being followed
  • Identify persons in need of treatment

Stages of Drug Testing

  • Time of Arrest
  • During Pretrial Stages
  • Post Incarceration
  • Probational Testing/Parole

Benefits of Laboratory Confirmation VS. Lab Screens/Testing

  • Today’s rapid test kits perform the identical qualitative function and have an accuracy rate comparable to a lab screen
  • The validity testing for rapid device clearance to market often is 96 to 100%
    accurate per drug in comparison with lab confirmation
  • Extra time will be taken to go to confirmation if the lab screen shows a preliminary positive. 24 hours may actually be lost going into queue for confirmation
  • Extra cost may be involved for the additional testing
  • If specimen quantity is low, a screen may deplete specimen needed for a confirmation

Exclusive Product Portal

  • Capture and document rapid test results
  • Training and certification
  • Inventory management capabilities
  • Budget tracking
  • Reporting into key metrics such as positivity rates

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