Testing Solutions

Premier Biotech Labs, LLC combines state of the art, highly sensitive LC-MS/MS instrumentation with reliable methodology to ensure accurate, fast results. Drug testing specialization for clinical, criminal justice, health and human services and workplace drug monitoring programs. Additionally, Premier Biotech has one of the industry’s largest lab based oral fluid testing panels with over 35+ drugs. It is through our vast experience servicing clients through these markets that has positioned Premier Biotech as a true and complete drugs of abuse testing partner.




Criminal Justice



Urine Drug Testing

  • Immunoassay screening
  • High complexity LC-MS/MS
  • Fully customizable solutions from testing menu to reports
  • Fast results in 24-72 hours
  • Mental Health panel to test for drugs of compliance
  • Extensive test menu of over 120 metabolites
  • Dedicated toxicology support for questions on drug metabolism, cross reactivity, and result interpretation

Oral Fluid Testing

  • Industry leading innovation in oral fluid testing
  • Cutting-edge laboratory solutions
  • Screenings and Confirmations
  • Prevents adulteration, substitution or dilution
  • Safe and simple collection
  • Quick turn-around times
  • Customized lab reports
  • Industry leading, extensive oral fluid testing panel

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