Premier Identification Kit

What do you do when making a house visit, searching a car, or you find a bag of powder/pills? Handling suspicious substances or paraphernalia can prove dangerous, and in some cases even deadly. Precautions should be taken when identifying these substances. As little as 3 mg of fentanyl can be enough to kill an average-sized adult if it’s inhaled or even absorbed through the skin. Introducing the Premier Identification Kit (PIK), the next innovation in presumptive field testing for suspicious substances (drugs of abuse/narcotics, paraphernalia). Using state-of-the-art chemistry, when safety and convenience matters, the Premier Identification Kit is an ideal solution for law enforcement, first responders and other security agencies looking for a convenient field testing solution.

*Intended For Forensic Use Only

Product Features And Benefits

  • Available for use wherever the need might arise
  • Ideal for law enforcement, first responders and other security agencies
  • Each PIK contains 10 buffer bottles and test cassettes per box
  • Illustrative procedure guide included
  • Compact design with a safe and convenient collection process
  • Identify frequently abused drugs/narcotics
  • Reagents contained in disposable buffer bottles with built in dropper
  • Capable of detecting some substances if impregnated onto paper
  • Suspect material is preserved for any legal proceedings
  • Requires only a small amount of the sample to be collected, allowing the remaining to be retained for evidence/legal proceedings
  • Contains no hazardous waste materials, components can be thrown in a regular trash receptacle

Premier Identification Kit Procedure

Available Testing Options – 10 Tests/ea.

The PIK Procedure

The Premier Identification Kit offers an easy-to-use procedure that put speed and safety at the forefront. Quickly and accurately identify suspicious substances (drugs of abuse/narcotics and paraphernalia).

*Intended For Forensic Use Only

Step 1

Open the buffer bottle by twisting off the blue cap to remove the collection swab containing the reagent solution.

Step 2

Simply swipe a small amount of the suspect material or paraphernalia. A simple swipe across the surface is enough for testing.

Step 3

Close the buffer bottle by returning the collection swab/cap and twist it closed.

Step 4

Hold the cap and mix well by shaking it quickly back and forth.

Step 5

Next, open the small transparent cap at the top of the buffer bottle exposing the dropper.

Step 6

At this time, remove the test cassette from the pouch and place it on a flat surface.

Step 7

Activate the test by placing (3) drops of the mixed solution directly into the designated test areas (S) of the test cassette.

Step 8

Interpret the results. Ensure the top control lines (C) have formed, otherwise the test is invalid. The presence of a line next to the drug name indicates a negative result for that drug. The absence of a line (as shown here) indicates a positive result for that drug.

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