Premier Biotech’s OralTox® is a rapid oral fluid drug test that delivers fast, accurate results anytime and anywhere. OralTox was designed with our customers in mind. Our goal was to deliver a product that will provide fast, accurate results coupled with a user friendly test procedure. Oral fluid drug testing makes for a valuable addition to the testing methods organizations can use. Oral fluid testing is 100% observed and offers an ideal solution that is less invasive than other methods of testing. Direct observation during collection allows testing to be administered anytime and anywhere, drastically reducing adulteration concerns and staffing allocation requirements.

Take Your Drug Testing Program To The Next Level With OralTox

The streamlined design of OralTox stands out with all the bells and whistles. When timing is critical, OralTox allows collectors to action immediately rather than awaiting the results from traditional laboratory/collection site screening. When confirmation testing is required (presumptive positive results), OralTox once again stands out with the ability to be sent to the lab for confirmation testing without requiring a second sample.

Product Features And Benefits

  • Patented design with one drug per strip
  • Customizable testing panels available
  • Observed collections alleviates adulteration concerns common with urine testing
  • Eliminate need for controlled collection sites and same sex collectors
  • Built in gravity feed for reliable oral fluid distribution
  • Saturation Indicator (Ensures ample oral fluid has been collected)
  • Clear and easy to read results
  • Easily administered procedure
  • Eliminate problems with "shy bladders"
  • Device can be sent to the laboratory for confirmation testing without the need to collect an additional sample
  • Proven accuracy, sensitivity and reliability
  • Fast, accurate results in minutes
  • Leading detection of THC parent compound
  • Unique QR (Quick response code) ties the device to the donor
  • Twist down lid tightens into place to ensure the integrity of the specimen

Removing The Guesswork Through Innovation

OralTox has a built-in saturation indicator that changes color when sufficient sample has been collected. This mechanism prevents wasted devices due to insufficient sample volume and eliminates the guess work in the collection process. We successfully worked with a new client to save them a substantial amount of money because they had been throwing away a size-able amount of competitor test devices due to inadequate sample during collection. With OralTox, we remove the guesswork by providing a clear indication of when there is ample specimen for testing.

Harness The Power of OralTox

Our company has extensive experience working with corporate workplace and staffing organizations, clinical practices and government agencies to expedite their drug screening processes with innovative drug tests. After rigorous precision, safety, and efficacy review, OralTox enables further implementation of a rapid oral fluid drug test in these markets.


100% Observed On-Site Collections

The OralTox collection procedure is minimally-invasive and 100% observed. Using oral fluid, the collector can oversee a donor from a safe distance as they provide the oral fluid sample. This reduces the likelihood of tampering or cheating the test, reduces staffing allocation and removes the need for controlled/private restrooms.

Testing Menu

*For in vitro diagnostic use for point-of-care: Amphetamine, Cocaine, Marijuana, Methadone, Methamphetamine, Opiates, Oxycodone and Phencyclidine.

  • AMP-Amphetamines (IVD)
  • BAR-Barbiturates (E&I)
  • BUP-Buprenorphine (FUO)
  • BZO-Benzodiazepines (E&I)
  • COC-Cocaine (IVD)
  • COT-Cotinine (FUO)
  • FYL-Fentanyl (FUO)
  • K2 (SPICE) (FUO)
  • KET-Ketamine (FUO)
  • MET-Methamphetamine (IVD)
  • MTD-Methadone (IVD)
  • OPI-Opiates (IVD)
  • OXY-Oxycodone (IVD)
  • PCP-Phencyclidine (IVD)
  • THC-Marijuana (IVD)
  • TML-Tramadol (FUO)

(FUO) Forensic Use Only devices are intended for use only in drugs of abuse testing for law enforcement purposes. FUO devices are not designed, tested, developed, or labeled for use in other settings, such as clinical diagnostic or workplace settings.

(E&I) Employment & Insurance Use Only: A testing device that is exempt from FDA 510(k) requirements and is intended to be used exclusively in situations for employment screening or insurance purposes.

OralTox® is a registered trademark of Premier Biotech, Inc.

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