Ensuring Sample Integrity – Certified Training

This training program is intended to outline the necessary steps to follow ensuring the integrity of each sample from collection to shipping properly to the lab. Please read through all the information within this training program. After completing the training program, you may test your knowledge with our online certification test. Once you have successfully passed the test with 100% accuracy, you will receive a personalized certificate of training in which you can print for your records.

The Chain of Custody (COC)

Step 1: The collector must identify the donor, either through prior knowledge and/or a State/Government issued photo ID.

Step 2: Have the donor initial and date the specimen ID/security label in the corresponding section as shown in red below. The agency information section (towards the top left) should be pre-printed. If this is not the case or any of the information is incorrect, please fill in or update appropriately.

Step 3: Begin filling out the Chain of Custody (COC) form with blue or black ink. Be sure to press firmly allowing the ink to show through to each copy of the Chain of Custody. The collector must complete the Chain of Custody form in its entirety. If the form is not fully completed, the specimen may be rejected or results delayed.

Step 4: Ensure the specimen ID# on the COC matches the specimen ID# on the security label used for the sample. At this time you can advise the donor to provide the specimen.

Step 5: Collector should affix the specimen ID/security label over the device-first by centering the label over the top of the cap (as indicated on the label), than adhering the label flush down each side. This will create a security seal to ensure the specimen is not tampered with.

Step 6: The specimen is to be released to FedEx Express using the provided shipping label and supplies. FedEx Express provides the necessary courier.

Important: Every section of the Chain of Custody (COC) is very important and should be completed in its entirety to ensure fast turnaround time and accurate reporting!

Reasons For Sample Rejection

Premier Biotech Labs is committed to providing clients with the most accurate results and therefore may reject samples for the following reasons. To ensure the highest quality standards and the integrity of each specimen, samples require proper collection, labeling and transportation.

Specimens submitted for testing must also be accompanied by the corresponding and completed Chain of Custody form as directed throughout this training. The following outlines reasons samples may be rejected once they have been received at the lab.

Collector Did Not Sign The Chain of Custody Form

Specimen Received In The Lab Past 30 Days From The Collection Date

Specimen ID/ Security Seal Broken or Compromised

Specimen ID Label Affixed To Specimen Container (Correct)
Specimen ID Label Not Affixed To Specimen Container (Wrong)

Quantity Not Sufficient/ Specimen Leaked in Transit

The Test Device Used For Collection Was Past Expiration

Chain of Custody Form Missing or Not Completed Properly

Test Your Knowledge By Taking The Certification Quiz

You have now completed the Premier Biotech Ensuring Sample Integrity Certified Training. You may go back over any or all the material above anytime. Once you feel confident with the material presented in the tutorial, you may proceed to the certification test by clicking the button below. After you receive 100%, a certificate will be generated on your screen and you may print from your computer for your records.