OralTox – Pre-employment Screening Pilot With A National Retailer

Is Your Organization Ready For This Upcoming Busy Season?

As the summer starts to wrap up, many companies begin to finalize what their fourth and final quarter of the year will look like. As we know, this time of year is the busiest across the board, with demand and sales ramping up. This increase in demand leads to a lot of temporary positions becoming available. When hiring temporary workers for peak season, companies should be confident and mindful of their hiring process. Many employers have outsourced some screening processes to conditionally hire same day, but still use offsite collection or lab-based drug testing services, which either delays the offer or creates an unqualified candidate conundrum. Choosing to send candidates to collection sites often costs your organization more money and more time but it does not have to.

Rapid oral fluid testing is the right choice for the capability to hire candidates the same day. As studies have shown, when opting for traditional collection sites, an organization can lose up to 40% of their potential candidates to collection site drop-off. Whether that is simply the candidate not showing up or long wait times at collection sites. Using a rapid oral fluid test such as OralTox allows for your organization to conduct donor-driven drug testing on-site with results in minutes. However, many companies wonder if rapid oral fluid testing is as accurate and effective as collection site testing?

Premier Biotech recently partnered with one of the country’s largest retailers for a rapid oral fluid test pilot for their pre-employment drug testing. This retailer was experiencing delays with their current drug testing process and wanted to pilot OralTox to see if they could hire staff the same day following a negative test result. During this pilot, Premier Biotech was able to produce a case study reflecting the OralTox pilot results.

Out of 10,000 OralTox devices distributed, 95% came back negative (Marijuana (THC) was not included in this study), allowing those candidates the ability to accept job offers the same day! Each positive test was then sent back to Premier Biotech’s lab for confirmation testing. 5% were lab-confirmed positive with the following drugs. 60% of confirmed positives were for amphetamines and methamphetamines, 12% were confirmed for Opiates, 20% for cocaine and 8% for Oxycodone.

As part of our study, negative OralTox devices were randomly selected for confirmation testing. Premier Biotech ran the selected devices through highly sensitive LC-MS/MS instrumentation to detect if there were any drugs that were missed. After review, 100% of the negative OralTox devices were confirmed to be negative, resulting in no drugs being missed.

*Data sourced from internal pilot study conducted by Premier Biotech Labs using actual donors.

At Premier Biotech, we are proud to offer highly specified drug testing. Many other oral fluid methods (rapid/lab) test for drugs at higher cutoff levels, thus potentially not detecting the substance depending on the amount in a person’s system. In this OralTox case study, all of the drugs were tested at cutoff levels up to 3 times more sensitive than other oral fluid testing.

The Need for Pre-Employment Drug Testing

As your organization starts to determine different factors in your pre-employment processes, some may begin to question whether or not you need drug testing. Keep in mind that drug usage among Americans has jumped increasingly over the past year. The CDC reported a 29.4% increase in drug overdoses in the year 2020 from 2019.

One way to ensure your business is drug-free and safe is with pre-employment drug testing. Premier Biotech offers extensive OralTox panels that will fit your company’s needs. Whether you decide to test for THC or include another drug on your pre-employment panel, you can be confident with your drug testing.

Here at Premier Biotech, we have been thinking about our customers’ needs and ramping up production and resources to help you through this peak season. Contact our sales team to see how we can help your company prepare for this upcoming busy season.

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