Intercept i2he Collection Training

This is a continued education training program outlining instruction for proper i2he oral fluid collection procedure. Please read through all the information within this training program. After completing the training, you may test your knowledge with our online certification test. Once you have successfully passed the test with 100% accuracy, you will receive a personalized certificate of training in which you can print for your records.

Preparing For The Collection

Confirm that the donor has not had anything in his/her mouth for 10 minutes prior to providing the oral fluid sample. If the donor has had anything in his/her mouth within the last 10 minutes, wait 10 minutes prior to beginning the collection process.

The Collection Process

  1. Inspect the expiration date on the Intercept i2he Oral Fluid Collection Device foil pouch to verify that the device has not expired.
  2. Open the side of the pouch labeled #1 containing the Oral Fluid Collection Pad.
  3. Instruct the donor to remove the device grabbing the plastic shaft of the Collection Pad from the foil pouch. Ensure the donor does not touch the pad.
  4. Instruct the donor to place the Collection Pad under the tongue with the white side of the stick facing upward. Donor should not bite down on plastic shaft but grip the ridges on the shaft of the stick between their lips; which will help to secure the device in the donor’s mouth.
  5. Instruct the donor to keep the pad under their tongue until the indicator turns blue. The average collection time is 3-4 minutes.
  6. Remove the Oral Specimen Vial from the side of the pouch labeled #2. Record donor identification information and date of collection on the vial label above the lot, and expiration date if no other documentation method is used.
  7. Instruct the donor to unscrew cap holding vial in an upright position.
  8. Instruct the donor to slowly slide the collection device into the vial as far as it will go and be careful not to spill the fluid inside.
  9. Instruct the donor to screw the cap back onto the vial securely.
  10. Place tamper evident seal across the top of the specimen vial and down the sides, date and initial the seal.
  11. Place the specimen vial(s) and any required chain of custody form into the specimen bag.
  12. Place the specimen bag into the overnight shipping package to be sent to the lab.

Test Your Knowledge By Taking The Certification Quiz

You have now completed the Premier Biotech Ensuring Sample Integrity Certified Training. You may go back over any or all the material above anytime. Once you feel confident with the material presented in the tutorial, you may proceed to the certification test by clicking the button below. After you receive 100%, a certificate will be generated on your screen and you may print from your computer for your records.