Expedited Job Fair Success With OralTox

The secret to rapid hiring is hidden in plain sight with rapid oral fluid testing via OralTox. The recent, welcome return to in-person events post-pandemic presents an influx of traditional job fairs and hiring events. Recruiters stand ready to employ eager, hard-working candidates and fill open roles fast.

Same Day Clearance

Hiring often requires pre-employment drug screening. This can delay the urgent need for immediate hire due to the time it takes to coordinate an appointment for drug testing at a collection site, and then to await lab results. Ultimately, time spent waiting to begin work is money lost. The job applicant could be cleared to start work same day with rapid oral fluid testing via OralTox.

Pre-employment drug test results are available in less than 10 minutes via OralTox, the FDA 510(k) cleared device for amphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, methadone, methamphetamine, opiates, oxycodone and phencyclidine.

Fast, Trusted Accuracy

OralTox clearly identifies the absence or presence of illicit drugs of abuse with proven accuracy above 99 percent in agreement with LC-MS/MS results for each drug tested.

Paired with Premier Biotech’s convenient, easy-to-use mobile reader and reporting app, OT-Scan offers a near-immediate detection window for fast, on-site results right then and there at the job fair. Above all, OralTox helps hiring teams thin the herd of applicants with prompt accuracy.

OralTox is the rapid oral fluid drug test that eliminates almost any chance of adulteration. Substitution, dilution and additives are among the more common methods of tampering. For example, traditional urinalysis requires privacy not needed with OralTox, which is 100% observed.

Skip the Hassle

The most common, dated form of drug screening for pre-employment evaluation is urinalysis. Typically performed after an initial job offer, the urine test process can grow lengthy from the time it takes to coordinate and schedule an appointment for the test, to then send the sample to the lab for analysis, and to finally receive the results.

OralTox expedites successful recruiting in real time at hiring events, job fairs and places of employment alike, while simultaneously minimizing opportunity for typical adulteration.

Skip the hassle of a traditional urinalysis and get straight to the result with OralTox for faster hiring made easy for all involved. Learn more about how OralTox can expedite your hire today.

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