Why Department of Child Family Services Agencies Are Adopting Rapid Oral Fluid Testing

Immediate Results Can Lead To Immediate Action

Premier Biotech understands the complex challenges health and human service agencies face on a day-to-day basis. Whether decisions are made at the state or local level, each state is unique with varied drug testing needs.

Historically, contracts utilizing collection site testing have been awarded through RFP, containing specs and solutions written decades ago. Now with advancements in the science and capabilities of rapid oral fluid testing, agencies can leverage new solutions while reducing the challenges adherent with collection site testing.

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Waiting Collection Site

The Growing Challenges With Traditional Collection Site Testing

  • Requires assigned collection networks/site matching
  • Staffing is required to reach out and schedule collections
  • Transportation hurdles can arise as donors either require transportation and/or may be under the influence when driving to the collection site
  • Rural areas may not be as accessible
  • Scheduling conflicts are common due to jobs, staffing, and decreased hours of operations for drug testing
  • No shows happen – frequently. If the donor does not show up to provide their sample, case workers are spending valuable time trying to hunt the individuals down
  • Added expenses at almost every step of the process
  • Delayed results 1-3 days – Waiting for results can pose many safety risks as action cannot be taken immediately
  • Accountability is in question as donors have more time to beat/cheat their drug test
Collection Site Testing Is Costly

Traditional collection site testing may be putting the health and safety of donors and their families at risk, while costing significantly more compared to rapid oral fluid testing. Rapid oral fluid testing allows HHS agencies to action immediately with onsite results in just minutes.

Collection Site Workflow

  1. Case worker coordinates the drug test
  2. Collection site networks need to be defined per geographic area. Rural areas may be more challenging to schedule.
  3. Donor is directed to report to the collection site for testing. This provides additional time to beat/chat the drug test as they are not screened onsite.
  4. Required paperwork is completed  and appointment scheduled. This requires time, as many collection sites now have reduced hours of operation.
  5. The donor reports to the collection site to provide the drug screen. This is not a positive experience as they must work around schedules, find transportation, etc.
  6. If the donor cannot find reliable transportation, alternative methods need to be coordinated.
  7. Results from the collection site are generally not communicated for 1-5 days. This poses numerous challenges, as children remaining in the home may be subject to their parents drug/alcohol use.
  8. Once reported, the donor needs to be tracked down. In many cases this can be a challenge and requires various means/attempts to reach them.
  9. Based on the results of the test, action is then able to be taken. The issue being this is now days after the sample was provided.

OralTox – Rapid Oral Fluid Workflow

  • Case worker coordinates the drug test.
  • The donor, while 100% observed, conducts the oral fluid collection onsite. This alleviates the need for private restrooms and can be administered by anyone, anywhere.
  • Results from the rapid oral fluid screen are available within minutes. This allows the case worker to act immediately rather than waiting on the results days later from a collection site.

Rapid oral fluid testing saves a great deal of time and costs significantly less than utilizing traditional collection sites.


Why OralTox?

Often times, the result of a drug test can be the determining factor in removing children from the home or keeping the family intact. Rapid screening acts as the first line of defense, identifying presumptive positive or negative results on-site. Rapid oral fluid testing also provides time and cost savings throughout almost every aspect of the process.

  • Results available within minutes
  • Can be used in the field by anytime, anywhere and anyone
  • Does not require controlled restrooms/collection sites
  • More cost effective – considerable savings
  • Observed, less invasive, gender-neutral collection
  • Resistant to adulteration – 100% donor-driven and observed
  • Action can be taken immediately
  • Can help maintain the safety of families/children
  • Decrease caseload/staffing allocation
  • Avoid handling urine cups
  • Variety of testing options available based on geographic needs

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