Chemical Dependency

Chemical Dependency clinicians utilize routine drug testing to identify substance abuse, assess treatment progress, and to monitor medication adherence. Urine and Oral Fluid drug testing support every step in the treatment process, including initial assessment, outpatient programming, residential treatment, aftercare, and relapse prevention programs. Premier Biotech Labs, LLC, offers an extensive test menu of over 120 prescription and illicit drugs and metabolites, which allows clinicians the ability to customize testing for each individual client, based on their unique needs.

Premier Biotech Labs, LLC Urine And Oral Fluid Drug Testing Benefits Addiction Treatment Programs

  • Objective, clinical data to identify substance use
  • Accountability tool, confirm abstinence, and verify client self-reports
  • Evaluate treatment plan adherence
  • Monitor prescription medications utilized in Medication Assisted Treatment
  • Identify medications that my result in drug-drug interactions
  • Detection of medications that may affect treatment outcomes
  • Monitor psychiatric medication adherence in co-occurring assessment and treatment programs

Premier Biotech Labs, LLC Offers Unique Solutions Designed Specifically For Addiction Treatment

  • CAP Forensic drug testing laboratory accreditation offers confidence in accurate, quantitative results
  • Rapid turn around time of 24-72 hours enables clinicians to provide intervention in a timely manner
  • Customizable testing menu allows for individualized patient testing
  • Specimen Validity Testing (creatinine, specific gravity, pH, oxidants) performed on all urine samples to ensure sample has not been tampered or adulterated
  • Electronic test ordering and real time results delivery on a secure portal
  • Full-time laboratory scientists for results consultation
  • Creatinine adjusted values to account for varying urine sample concentrations
  • On-going customer support and education on advancements in urine and oral fluid drug testing, synthetic and designer drugs, drug abuse trends and related topics

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