5 Steps To Piloting OralTox Today

Premier Biotech’s Solution To Your Testing Needs

Introducing a new drug testing method can be daunting. You’ve done all the research; you know that this new product and procedure will significantly improve your organization, but what cost? How difficult is it to train, get the product to employees, customer support, etc.? Here at Premier Biotech, we have streamlined our piloting process so that your company can be confident in implementing new drug testing procedures!

Step 1: Information Gathering

The first step in piloting OralTox is for Premier to understand your company’s drug testing needs. The Premier team will meet with you to discuss your needs and concerns. After our discussion, Premier will request information to set up your account for ordering and lab confirmation testing. Along with providing a select list of OralTox panels that we believe will best suit your drug testing needs.

Step 2: Choosing Pilot Locations

Once account information is set up and your company has chosen which OralTox panel to pilot, the next step is to pick pilot locations. Depending on your organization’s size, this can be anywhere from two to four high-volume sites. We suggest utilizing higher volume locations to collect the most data from this pilot. Our Premier team will work with you to determine which of your company’s locations will offer the most return on investment.

Step 3: Training

Premier Biotech has a team of experts in drug testing in the workplace that are here to serve you at each step of the pilot process. Our team offers extensive training via video and in-person demonstrations. We would be happy to travel to your pilot locations to help get OralTox up and running smoothly and ensure all staff are well equipped for the transition. Our goal is to make sure everyone understands how easy OralTox is to use and answer any unique questions that may arise.

Step 4: OralTox Pilot

After training has been completed, your company is ready to run OralTox at the select pilot locations. A typical time frame is to use OralTox for pre-employment and post-accident usage for one to two months. After this time, there will be enough data to analyze the ROI. Premier Biotech will still be involved during this time to help monitor and support the pilot goals and initiatives.

Step 5: Pilot Review & Implementation

Finally, after the pilot has been completed, the Premier Biotech team will run analytics on the pilot. We will help determine your company’s ROI and any issues that may have occurred during the pilot. We will discuss the analytics and see if there need to be any adjustments to incorporate OralTox into your drug testing program fully. Once finished, if your company is satisfied, you can begin implementing OralTox across all locations. There is no additional setup required as we use the same portal for pilots as we do our full-time customers.

Ready To Start A Pilot?

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